Hanging Halloween Directional Street Sign – Crafty Souls - Laser Cut Craft Shapes

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Hanging Halloween Directional Street Sign

Crafty Souls

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All letters & shapes are separate to make them easy to decorate & assemble however you prefer. Each of the arrows are separate too and then it comes with 2 struts for the back for you to glue them together & assemble the sign.

Included is 5 x Arrow shaped backboards, All Lettering & shapes as pictured. 

Overall Dimensions - 33cm Wide x 41cm 

These are cut by laser and may therefore have some tinting, but this can be easily decorated over. 

In this photo, the holes are missing but obviously they will come with the bottom holes on each plaque so they can be looped together. Some people use keyring hoops, whilst others use string/ribbon. We do not provide the pieces to connect them. This is a craft blank product.